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tv   Inside Story 2018 Ep 274  Al Jazeera  October 2, 2018 10:32am-11:02am +03

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yeah they want to limit the. good people in the let me see. the books. and there are beside. the one of. the biggest megaphone your band you know big that's my at. the moment not. and then on. the island by you know being. a little bit baby been born a household's. so i've been up long bugs loose a little house going to my. own at the time that we didn't need
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a search to far from him. problem of this or diseases that people get from us was not recognize it was not. appreciated as an important burden. to public health and during the time that we were doing. research and finding that the burden. and showing that it is as important as many other infectious diseases in the philippines and in fact in the region we were able to raise awareness of. and appreciation of this issue and makers policy makers both in ministry of health and the ministry of culture of this problem and that they need to address this problem and to invest more and more to do you think i think you're going to get people not going to. give us all.
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we got. something this. can be oh. well i was going to make it and i'm. not. going to know nobody in that. little trick every day. you may go. we can give you the. last question when most of us we get. with the campaign in the north pulling successful the challenge is to spread it across the philippines rabies can be beaten the science the medicine exists the key is to apply it successfully and prevent. unnecessary deaths because when
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that medicine is not given in town the deaths unbearable. you know. so that they. are maybe game.
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i know when you are so nice a lot of meat on the only part only to big no no i got a. call and there was. someone has. a name but the name he got in a good lesson. i learned in the on oh move. on no. rule no no but. we are
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going to be going to morning up or some way to go in got it up a bit at the good old and up in the bit with us in those. little hole. in the early. oh good luck hope. to know he's being with us imo. if. he. goes in will. be no no.
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no no i well i'm. going to be. now. the term in the stage of illness within the last forty eight hours they will fall into these fits of madness and struggling and then suddenly they will become lucy and you are able to speak to them and that is really the hard part when you'll hear them and. share their thoughts about their fear of dying and why does this ever happen to him and it's for him or her family and that there is a thought any hope that he can be cured so this lucid moments also are very moving . you know you see the humanity and the hardship. and that the patient feels and then they will again fall into fits of madness when you see
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that they're like out of their mind that i'm dealing. well the level of zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero zero. zero. zero zero zero six in the end if my mind numbing you don't know what i was feeling. that i'm going to. say both sides. in the. business on the. most logical bit of them and. then suddenly you can one hundred
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percent turn in the us me. in this i'm going to. get out of. one of those who will. be someone there saying you know how walk. on simple must. have been set up again. so you can walk around without your governor but. it's more so. because in some point not recorded with about the same when i mean when i'm going across a simple. problem with. number one. ok. we've seen seen. patients at their suicide because of that feeling of despair or it's this stage of the thief.
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oh. he died of disease because there or one of the already has a research is to bring this bird to the forefront and convince international leaders that this is something that is manageable it's this kind of approach centric place vaccination where people are alerted days ahead of time both by loudspeaker and by leaflets and they voluntarily bring their dogs here volunteers we vaccinate them and so it's a win win for the community for the people it's a it's really a way working together work to get rabies control in a country that has a large burden of the disease. they've seen. a few hundred human nabi cases and some animals suffering from this disease that this this is
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my motivation for continuing to work on the prevention and eventual elimination because i know that if this possible so that the country and then the country like the fifteenth and advocate three beast from the most stores and eventually they do it and completely eliminate human to ski. what i've asked you before blocking them out we can find a couple of them that people i don't mean that but he said no i don't feel that.
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i'm the mother of one pack or the sea so my. family not to. the glad i wind of is that i know a guy in baghdad good enough. and i know i'm back. now my cabin would. be from. a little shows of a. be able to share for face. value so that. i now have a moment i asked there were a lot. of.
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as being described as a belief. that the lashes of rubbing against around the world suffer from to come dressed up like. you because you rush the way you view. this christ on to zero travels to africa and it's inspiring individuals who are fighting to mimic these ideas these lifelines the end is in sight.
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hello again welcome back we're here across the southwestern part of united states we have over ten million people that are under flash flood watches and you can see here on the satellite image all of the moisture that is streaming in from the western pacific now we do have a tropical storm weakening to a trifle oppression across baja mexico and all of that moisture is streaming to the north and from the southwest that means the potential for flooding is going to be rising over the next few days and really not too much of a change from tuesday to wednesday as the moisture starts to make its way even further to the north up here in canada look at the temperatures really dropping as
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a system pushes through we are going to be seeing snow and those high temperatures are barely going to be getting out of the single digits there well across a sports a central america and also the caribbean we are looking at fairly dry up here to the northeast but most of the rain is going to be down here across much of central america panama city managua as well as into costa rica very heavy rain shower expected over the next few days and then on wednesday we do expect to see more heavy rain pushing up towards jamaica but for center domingo most of the. if you with a temperature of thirty and then well we're going to be seeing a big difference in temperature from rio all the way down towards one is out as as a frontal boundary stays in place with the sun sea on rainy clouds in your forecast with a temperature of twenty six. the consequence of. not ventures into russia will you serve in the morning or one thousand eight hundred ninety five that just doesn't go away. for
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a living out of trouble for the last couple years he's homeless. follows a group of u.s. army veterans traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. well you know. some i mean i like. al-jazeera. hello i'm daryn jordan this is the out as they were news hour live from coming up in the next sixty minutes survivors of indonesia's earthquake and tsunami await aid as relief agencies struggled to get into the worst affected areas.
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as demonstrators mark the one year anniversary of a failed referendum to split from spain. bolivia loses a dispute with chile that dates back two hundred years it involves the pacific ocean. and the singer known as france's frank sinatra has. his career spanned more than seventy years has died at ninety four. international aids being sent to the devastated in the mission island of sort of ways ie the u.n. says one hundred ninety one thousand people are in desperate need of help to friday's earthquake and tsunami these are live pictures coming to us from there now in some areas more than eighty percent of buildings have been damaged or destroyed
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and this is what's left of a hotel in the city of eight hundred forty four people are confirmed dead so far dozens of others are thought to be stuck in the rubble in haiti reports from jakarta. three days after the massive earthquake and tsunami this is what is left of the city of palu much of the city of more than three hundred thousand people has been destroyed risk you was are trying to reach those who might still be alive. with hospitals damaged the injured are being treated in the open and the airport is doubling as a field hospital it was also badly damaged in the quake the military has secured it to allow aid to be flown in and the injured out. so that is. what the earthquake was so powerful all of us run out in a big group we were shouting people were screaming god is great people were repenting. as more bodies are recovered graves are being dug for mass burials to
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try to prevent the spread of disease those who did survive a disparate me trying to leave. we have not eaten in three days we just want to be safe. we have been here since yesterday we need to fly there are eleven of us we haven't been allowed to board. the indonesian president has been trying to reassure the people that help is on its way. we will send as much food as we can today by hercules aircraft directly from jakarta. these are the problems we're trying to solve as well we're expecting fuel to get to politic day because special flights are being sent there because one of the main challenges facing rescue workers has been the lack of heavy equipment to dig for survivors for now they're using whatever tools they can find or their bare hands to try to get to those buried under the rubble wayne hay al jazeera jakarta on the scale of the
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destruction in palo is highlighted in before and after satellite images of the area is a rooftop so the neighborhood before the six meter tsunami slammed into the coastline you can see how the homes and major landmarks have been destroyed oxfam's humanitarian director nigel timmins explains why the damage is so bad. i think what struck me when i went before is it's not just a wall of water but it's a wall of water full of dead concrete tree glass cars vehicles everything being churned around like a giant cement mixer so that it's almost like a huge bulldozer the just clears away the land and afterwards you just left with this complete chaos roads have been cut off by landslides major bridges broken down so physical access is a real challenge the other one is information i mean electricity is down telecommunications down many people their first priority is simply family tracing i mean there are reports of children turning out to medical centers unaccompanied looking for family members people just trying to work out who survived which the
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relatives are around who's gone so just basic information is a real challenge so many bodies are missing get swept out to sea are buried i mean we're also dealing of course with the aftermath a very significant earthquake and as we talk and rescue missions are going on so many people are buried there are a lot of remote fishing villages all along that coastline accurate census data may not be totally available i mean at the moment the census suggests there's two point four million people in effected area so it could take some weeks before we really find out what the true extent was. president donald trump has praised the free trade deal he struck with canada calling it the biggest in u.s. history it was sealed off more than a year of intense negotiations and keeps the two nations along with mexico in a three way pot first reach twenty four years ago was in jordan reports from washington d.c. thank you two thousand and sixteen campaign promise delivered ahead of the midterm congressional elections in the united states donald trump says he's negotiated
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a new trade accord with mexico and now with canada it will be the most advanced trade deal in the world with ambitious provisions on the digital economy patents very important financial services and other areas where the united states has a strong competitive advantage mexico and canada have agreed to strong new labor protections environmental protections and new protections for intellectual property so important if approved the new u.s. mexico canada agreement would preserve a one point three trillion dollar trading zone u.s. dairy farmers will be able to sell more of their products in canada canada gets to keep a dispute mechanism to resolve fights with the u.s. over lumber exports and auto workers in mexico will be paid more to produce parts for the u.s.
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market that last point mattered to officials in ottawa we have reached an agreement on cars and car parts inspired by creative canadian ideas which as some of you will remember we put forward in our talks in montreal back in january that was a key turning point in this negotiation it's just the draft treaty now heads to parliament in ottawa and to congress in both washington and mexico city we've got a most having a less a little more and where was it that we will make sure it does not contravene the sovereignty of the people and we will be guaranteed. wars of the federalist principles that maintain our republic analysts say there is a reason why canada is joining the deal now its economic future what is important is that we be an attractive place for foreign companies to invest if they fear that their investment in canada could be shut off and he terms of his access to the u.s. market by future cherubs he wanted best year historic but for now it's worth noting
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these three countries have succeeded in negotiating a trade deal they can all except george washington well done a lot has been following canadian reaction from toronto. in the time it's taken to reach this point slightly over a year canada's negotiators have taken a tough stance they've passed through a couple of us set deadlines to reach a deal and even when mexico and the united states agreed on a trade deal back in august canada said it would make its own deal on its own time but i think this was the deadline that counted the u.s. midterms were approaching and president trump needed something to take into the midterm elections and claim that a campaign promise kept was a reason to vote for the republicans prime minister justin trudeau his team they saw that as an opportunity to give the u.s. side something of what it wanted in exchange for what canada wanted that is the art of negotiation after all there are some objections being raised here political
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opposition leaders say they'd have done a much better deal then the liberal government of justin trudeau but they're not saying how the dairy farmers the ones who are having to give up some of their protected market to u.s. producers they say they're going to oppose this but in reality it's hard to see what they can do there is a requirement here for parliamentary and congressional ratification in all three countries but that looks like it will certainly happen given the numbers involved of legislators who'll be voting in the end canada has a deal mexico the united states the leaders of all three countries say it's win win win it's now up to economists analysts and others to parse the details of this vastly complex agreement and see what really lies ahead for the continent while mexico's president has praised the new deal and says it will create more jobs and raise salaries i suppose you understand. the conditions are given for the mexican economy to continue growing attracting investment and generating well paying jobs.
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as of this agreement there will be new opportunities in development and welfare for mexico as part of the more competitive north america that will be strong and prosperous well eric frons with his vice president at the council of the americas he joins us live now from washington d.c. eric so donald trump is hailing this as the most important trade deal ever to be negotiated by the u.s. is this really significant or is it just from coating the by a different name. well i think there's probably a healthy dose of both frankly it is a very important agreement because it keeps canada in north america in the context of trade that's huge because of the supply chains that have developed since nafta was first past twenty four years ago and the way that business has developed it's also politically significant because on a bipartisan basis the u.s. congress made very clear that without canada they weren't going to take up the agreement and so it would have been a moot point also business and labor both agree that canada needed to be there so
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it's very important from that perspective in terms of the impact of it sure i think there are some improvements over the existing nafta whether it's in the digital economy or access to canadian dairy or keeping some of the most important dispute resolution mechanism in the agreement i think that's very important but if it fundamentally new in the in the context of you know unleashing new trade and investment i think we have to wait and see whether that indeed is the case ok and trump says the deal's a victory for us farmers cawood cousin those in the us manufacturing sector but let's just focus on mexico what's in it for them and it. well for mexico it's very important that they continue to have access to the united states' market over eighty percent of mexico's exports go to the united states and over eighty percent of their imports come from the united states so to have a threat that that those provisions would be terminated to mexico that's
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a real strategic threat so they needed to maintain access to the u.s. market in so doing admittedly they gave up certain things they gave up a little bit of liberalization in the auto sector in particular that might impact them somewhat at the margins but from the mexican perspective they got what they needed and that's the continuation of the economic relationship with the united states a final thought for who are the winners and losers and what about consumers do they benefit at all yeah that's a really good question look if you manage trade and make it more restrictive and tried to determine where production occurs in this case in the auto sector or in some a manufacturing sector what you're probably going to do is raise costs of production that may create some jobs in certain economies but the consumer ultimately is the one who's going to lose because the price of production goes up the price of finished goods goes up and that of course gets passed along to the consumer that's just in the manufacturing sector there are other sectors as well so there are going
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to be some costs there i think what this agreement is really doing is redistributing some of the benefits and some of the costs of trade within north america and i should add one final point as well and that is that in the agreement the three parties agreed not to enter into trade agreements with non market economies what that means is that all three have agreed not to do a separate trade agreement with china that's kind of an interesting point one we really haven't seen before and so in the context of winners and losers i think that's going to cut both ways as well all right exxon's with it was good to talk to you thank you very much indeed for your time well the international monetary fund is warning that escalating trade disputes are affecting global growth. now let me be clear we are not seeing broader financial contagion so far but we also know that conditions can change rapidly.


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